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VAST Trail & TMA Information

DSCF5058.JPGFor decades, snow sports enthusiasts have been enjoying the trails and lakes of Vermont in the winter months by way of the snowmobile. The VAST Trail system is designed for snowmobiling, originated in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and has grown to extend well into Quebec, New Hampshire, New York, as well as parts of Connecticut. In the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, you'll find that the VAST Trail extends through miles of untamed wilderness to lakes frozen and passable and is a means of travel from township to township.

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Lodging on The VAST Trail

in Burke, VT

in Glover, VT

in Jay, VT

in Irasburg, VT

in Island Pond

in Lyndonville, VT

in Marshfield, VT

in Morgan, VT

in Newport, VT

in Morgan, VT

in North Troy, VT

in St. Johnsbury, VT

in Westfield, VT

The VAST TMA Registration










In order to purchase a VAST TMA you must have the following:

A Current Department of Motor

To ride the VAST Trail you will need a TMA

There are a number of types of TMA's. Look below to find the TMA for you.

Interested in where you may purchase your TMA?  Any snowmobile club will have available TMA Registrations for you to purchase. However, a number of area businesses also sell TMA Registrations to the general public.

Below are a number of area businesses that sell VAST TMA Registrations throughout the season. 

VAST TMA Pass Info

Types of VAST TMA Registrations


Regular TMA

Any snowmobile that is less than 15 years old falls into this category. * If purchasing more than two TMA's you may qualify for additionalsavings.  (See Family TMA for details.
Except commercial use – see Commercial TMA.

Family TMA
Family Snowmobile TMA – All snowmobiles must be registered to the same person, with the same mailing address. TMAs purchased for the first and second snowmobiles must be a Regular Snowmobile TMA, all subsequent snowmobiles must be registered to the same individual.

Classic TMA
Any snowmobile that is 15 years or older and not registered as an antique. (Nearly 50% off the applicable rate.)

Antique TMA
Any snowmobile that is 25 years old and is registered as an antique snowmobile by Vermont or any other state or province.
Volunteer TMA
Volunteer TMAs are furnished as defined in the policy manual - Eight for each club and an additional one for every 10 miles of groomed corridor trail the club maintains.

5 Day Pass
Any resident or non-resident may purchase a five-day pass.




Where To Purchase Your Snowmobile TMA Registrations for The VAST Trail

VAST TMA passes are available at any of our snowmobile clubs.  In addition to purchasing VAST TMA's at the snowmobile club's location, the snowmobile clubs have available their TMA passes through area businesses listed below.

All Around Power
1746 Memorial Drive
St. Johnsbury, VT  05818

Bob's Quick Stop
6196 VT Route 14
Irasburg, VT 05845
7am -5pm Monday - Friday
7am - 12noon Saturday

Champlain Valley Equipment
2506 US Rte. 5
Derby, VT 05829


Desmarais Equipment
303 Willoughby Ave.
Orleans, VT 05860
802-754-6629 x101

Island Pond Visitor Center
Cross Street
Island Pond, VT 05846

Lunenburg Variety
23 West Main Street
Lunenburg, VT 05906

Maverick Moose Lodge
4555 VT Route 114
Canaan, VT 05903

Maurice's Motel
125 Gale Street
Canaan, VT 05903

For more information concerning the VAST , including insurance and registration, visit www.vtvast.org