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Instant Images

Vermont Crafts, Candles, Jewelry, Clothing, Hand Blown Glass

instantph1.jpgInstant Images retails Vermont handmade crafts such as; candles, crafts, soaps and hand blown glass.  We also carry a variety of clothing, including tye-dye shirts, scarves and long underwear


We carry Vermont Crafted Tye - Dye artistry on a variety of clothing including men's long underwear, t-shirts and other styles of clothing.


We feature  locally made soaps, shampoos, candles and incense, along with hand knit hats and scarves.

 We also carry hand made glass pipes, rolling papers and other smoking accessories. 



Store Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm

Instant Images
1257 East Main Street, Newport, VT  05855, Phone: 802-673-7243  Website  You Tube  Facebook