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Nevermore Bookstore

in Newport, VT
Fishing Encyclopedia reference guide at Nevermore Bookstore in Newport, VTNevermore Bookstore retails  new and used books, from rare, new and used first Books on Forestry and Many Other Reference, Text and How-to's at Nevermore Bookstore in Newport, VTeditions to 'How To" books, cook books, reference guides and children's books.  Peruse the more than 7,000 books in our Newport, VT location. 

To the left, McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia, a guide to everything you could know about fishing. 

We also have books for Forestry, building stone walls, along with a non-fiction collection that includes topics such as; history, biographical, as well as cookbooks.

Classic Edition of the Works of Ian Flemming at Nevermore Bookstore in Newport, VTNevermore Bookstore's selection also includes classic fiction from the 19th and 20th century including the works of Alexander Dumas  and  Ian Flemming as well as the more current works of Tom Clancy, local authors and a number of rare finds.

We also have a number of antique Yearbooks from the University of Vermont. dating back to the 1920's. 


Our Gallery of Prints and Watercolor Paintings

Local artists present their paintings and reprints at Nevermore Bookstore. 

Are you an artist?  Please feel free to contact Nevermore Bookstore to display your work. 


Shop With Us Online!

Visit Nevermore Bookstore on Etsy ...More  Couldn't find what you're looking for?  Please contact me.  I have an extensive in house collection. However, if it isn't here, I can usually find it for you. 

Store Hours: 10am - 5pm Tuesday - Sunday

Nevermore Bookstore
100 East Main Street, Newport, VT 05830 Phone; 802-334-3844 Facebook  Etsy