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Perkin's Hilltop Cottages

on the shores of Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT

will2new.jpgA Three Season Getaway on Lake Willoughby

Enjoy the region's most idyllic lake in comfortable, fully equipped cabins at Perkin's Hilltop Cottages. We're open from May 1st thru October 15th.

We're accepting reservations for this coming spring-summer-fall. 

Our efficiencies offer an economical vacation choice with fully equipped kitchens, along with swimming, fishing, boating and other three season outdoor activities just steps from your door.

Perkin's Hilltop Cottages on Lake WilloughbyGreat for Families

A great place to bring the kids, Perkin's Hilltop Cottages has plenty of lawn for outdoor fun.  Kayak and bike rentals are nearby. Kingdom Bike Trails, a three season adventure, is just minutes away.

At Perkin's Hilltop Cottages, you'll find country cottages ideal for families and great for getaways!

Many of our cottages have available a picnic table and front porch to help make the outdoors a part of your living space.

The Private Beach at Perkin's Hilltop Cottages on Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT


The beach is absolutely breathtaking. A short walk down a country path will bring you to an overlook where a deck rests for those who might enjoy the view. A few steps further and you here.

We're open three seasons, spring, summer and fall, from May 15th through till October 15th.


Bring Your Bike!

The Kingdom Trails Association has carved a magnificent mountain bike trail in the area. Referred to as "the ride of your life" by Yankee Traveller, the kingdom bike trail will bring you through the wilderness, down hillsides and across pasture lands that offer scenic vistas of local mountain ranges. The Kingdom Trails Association is located in East Burke, VT. Kingdom Trails

Some Interesting Facts about Lake Willoughby:
  • Lake Willoughby is listed as a Natural National Landmark.
  • The lake is home to the Peregrine Falcon, once an endangered species. Loon have also been seen enjoying the waters of Lake Willoughby. The cliffs of Mount Psgah and Mount Hor provide a natural habitat for the rare falcon.
  • Lake Willoughby holds the worlds record for the largest trout ever caught through the ice. The fish weighed in at 39 pounds, (18kg)
  • The Lake is the deepest lake in Vermont, with depths exceeding 300 feet.
Perkin's Hilltop Cottages

1322 VT Route 5A, Westmore, VT  05860, For Reservations call 1-802-525-3003 www.lakewilloughbycottages.com/