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Slope and Trail Report for Northeastern Vermont

A Reminder of the Spring 2015 Season

"Monday, April 13, 2015.  Folks, with the temperature at 65 degrees, the snow is now melting at a good pace.  Most of the VAST Trail was open through this past weekend, however, as of today, the season appears to have drawn to a close.  Thanks for a great year and see you next winter!!"

The VAST Trail Report for  the NEK


Trails throughout the state are offering some fair to decent riding at this time.  The only deviation from this statement are the trails along the Champlain and Connecticut River Valleys.  Trails in these areas still need some additional sow before they will open.

The remainder of the state is offering early season conditions, which means open water bars and other exposed hazards along the trails.  The Northeast Kingdom and higher elevations do look more like mid winter and offer a little better riding experience, but be cautious as you may still find the unexpected.

The grooming fleet has been busy and with the forecasted snow for the weekend we expect that conditions will improve.  Please note the following;  We are expecting 12" to 24" of snow.  We do not know what we will get until it's over.  If it is a couple feet it will likely take some time for the grooming fleet to get it packed down into a decent surface.  This is especially true given the winds and frigid temperatures that are forecasted for Monday.  With -20 to -30 below wind chills expected, some clubs may decide to suspend grooming operations until it is safer for man and machine.

There is some good riding now so get out and enjoy it, and expect conditions to improve with what's ahead!  It's winter in Vermont!

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The Trail Report at the Jay Peak Resort


**All lifts and trails have been closed for the day.**

With the wind chill factored in, it's feeling like -60F at the summit, and not a lot warmer at the base. Winds speeds are blowing near 65mph, and so our lift crews have decided to close all of our lifts for the day. Tomorrow we don't expect wind speeds to exceed 10mph, and generally, it's looking like a much better day. 

Because none of the lifts are running, and uphill travel is not permitted, tomorrow should not only be a nicer day weather-wise, but the snow from yesterday afternoon and overnight should remain virtually untouched. We picked up an additional 5-7” between then and now, bringing our storm total up to TWO FEET, just as forecasts had been calling for all week. Good job, forecasters. 


**The Interstate & Jug Handle Terrain Parks will be closed today.**

If you need to pick up a spare layer before heading out into the cold, stop by The Mountain Shop on Tramside for everything and anything related to being warm. 

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Jay Peak Resort Conditions & Weather Report


Burke Mountain Report

**UPDATE 9:50am:  All lifts are now loading.  Game on!  Bundle up, take plenty of breaks, and have fun.  Thank you for your patience. 

What a day, what a moon, and what a game!  Yesterday was certainly a day we'll never forget as winter storm harper delivered 20 inches of Cristal Champagne pow.  It was high tide on the slopes towards last chair as the mogul waves really started to develop.  For all the Patriots fans out there, Super Bowl here we come!  The bow that wrapped the day up nicely.

It's going to be a chilly one today and you'll want to pack your extra puffy, facemask, and even some handwarmers as temperatures aren't expected to climb out of negative territory.  Forgot yours or finding you need some warmer layers?  Swing by Vertical Drop or Trailside retail stores for an assortment of heavy base layers and gear that will keep you toasty. 

Those that brave the cold however will be rewarded as the groomers were smoothing surfaces last night creating a beautiful powdery corduroy surface.  Groomed trails include: Powderhorn, Carriage Road, Deer Run, McHarg's Cutoff, Upper/Big Dipper, Open Slope, Upper/Lower Willoughby, Upper/Lower Foxes, Lower/Upper Bear Den, The Shoot, Upper/Lower Warren's Way, High Meadows Pass, Binney Lane, Bunker Hill, Carter Country and Dashney Mile. 

All but the Burke progression park has left to be built as we cruise on 100% open terrain this morning.  You'll find powder puffs on our natural trails and refills in the eastside trees as the northwest winds keep this arctic front in the area for the next 48 hours.  Our eyes are carefully watching this next storm developing Wednesday through Thursday with anyway from an inch to three inches possible setting us right back up for some midweek bliss. 

The Mid Burke and Sherburne Express loads daily from 9am-4pm.  Tickets are available at guest services in the Sherburne Base Lodge or in the Vertical Drop retail store located on the 2nd floor of the Hotel.

Bundle up and enjoy round two of the Harper goods. We looking forward to seeing you soon.


Burke Mountain Resort Weather & Condition